Who’s Thalia?

It’s the first question I get asked.

Wait, no, it’s actually the second question.

After I tell people that I’m writing on my own website, the first question I’m asked is “What’s it called?”. So, I tell them “ThaliaWasHere.com”. And then they ask…

Nope! I’ve done the math wrong again.

The second question is “What?”

Then I repeat the name and, invariably, they ask the third question: “Who’s Thalia?”

Now, most people would see this as a portent of doom. It’s certainly fertilizer for self-doubt. Nobody seems to know who she is. No one is ever going to find my writing. It’s too esoteric. I’ll look like a middle-aged freak with an imaginary friend. But then I get ahold of myself and remember that I’m inspired by a Muse, not in lockstep with an Oracle. This is starting to sound more like a therapy exercise for me than an article for you, so I’ll get back to the point.

Fair Reader, allow me to introduce you to Thalia:

Thalia, Muse of Comedy, Detail,
Egide Godfried Guffens, Hasselt, Belgium 1823-1901

Thalia | Θάλεια | ‘tha-lee-uh |
In Greek & Roman mythology:
1. The Muse of comedy and idyllic poetry.
2. With her sisters Euphrosyne (joy) and Aglaea (beauty), one of the Three Graces who are the givers of charm and beauty in Greek mythology. They are the daughters of Zeus and Hera.

I first learned of the Three Graces in Junior High. Naturally the focus was on Mount Olympus’ most famous residents but learning that there could be Muses flitting about whispering inspiration into unsuspecting ears was a tantalizing prospect. What if it was true? Maybe if I sit still and focus, I’ll be able to hear that delicate cajoling. Now that’s the trick, isn’t it? Sitting still. Being patient. Turning inward just enough to let what’s inside out.

Inspiration is an excellent start. For that I’m deeply grateful to Thalia. My challenge now is to take her energy, convert it to text and, with any luck at all, inspire you, Fair Reader, to smile or laugh if only for a moment. Laughter is contagious. (Well, so is yawning, but that’s another Muse’s purview.) I think that’s how Thalia really works her magic. She whispers in my ear and then I whisper in yours. And we all know that game ends with everyone laughing.

Now that you’ve been introduced, I know that once you get to know Thalia, you’ll like her as much as I do. As you go about your day, keep her in the back of your mind. That’s her favorite place to be, after all. You may just find yourself inspired by her love of a good joke, a quick reply, and quite frankly, a good time.

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading more! You know, I’ve been a bit uninspired for oh, the past sixty years (give or take). Is there a Muse hotline I can call? An app? Does Uber bring Muses? Lots of good luck with this blog. It took a lot of what my people call chutzpah to put your words out here. Actually I’m Episcopalian but we don’t have witty phrases other than “cheers”. So, cheers!

  2. I’m not even sure I succeeded in liking and following Thalia or You, for that matter! How could I possibly write in this venue? My tech savvy rating is one step above moron! Besides, my funny stories are sadly true and read like the Perils of Pauline (could be plagiarism)! You, however, always put a smile on my face, and even more often cause full on belly laughs! I wish nothing but success to you, my friend, and look forward to more!

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